About The Singer Vielle Network

"We are a tech-enabled, “online” commercial agency, a marketing business with a leading online presence. Joining our network will provide access to all our marketing, established skills and leading technology, enabling you to provide a superior service to your clients and expand your business. As “Proptech” rapidly changes the manner of agency, joining Singer Vielle provides a unique opportunity to project yourself to the forefront of the profession in the rapidly changing environment.

Singer Vielle is unique in offering the opportunity to take a franchise within the commercial investment market.  We are also offering the opportunity to work in Association, as Consultants or as Agents within our teams, providing all within the network and their clients with our focused marketing approach. Please contact me now should you wish to learn more. "   Neil Singer, neil@singervielle.co.uk

Our Offering

Singer Vielle is a sales focused investment agency, recognised as an early and leading adopter of modern technology for marketing

  • Unrivalled quality of presentations – uniquely delivering video, aerial and ground photography for all sales since 2006

  • 2016 launch of unique marketing of all properties in multiple languages in recognition of global reach and to extend engagement

  • Industry-leading quality of UK & international registered users

  • UK & Global Reach – 34% views from outside UK in last 12 months

  • High online visibility

  • Lead ranking positions on Google

  • Pioneering users of clicktopurchase®, the online execution platform

    -  First worldwide to use Blockchain as part of execution process

    -  First worldwide to conclude a property transaction by online execution

    -  First to sell property using Artificial intelligence as part of the sales process

  • Official Registered Provider with the CPD Standards Office.


  • 289,000 video views. 

  • Unique in securing a franchisee in commercial investment agency.

  • Leading presence in disposal sector.  Recognised as having extensive private investor database, UK and overseas.

  • Unusually diverse client base: banks, receivers, institutions, property companies, private investors

  • High number of sale transactions for a niche agency team

  • Unique client dashboard for monitoring sales progression in real time

Our Concept


The concept of forming Associations as well as Franchisees commenced a few years ago.  Having developed a strong and unique online marketing base, tech-enabled, we felt that we had an opportunity to create something to benefit us and others.  Simply put, if we joined forces with other professionals by creating a network of Franchisees, Associates and Consultancies around the United Kingdom and each having the benefit instantly of the Singer Vielle offering, each in the network would have the ability to increase their volume of instructions, the hub singerviellesales.com would become stronger, increasing the ability to sell, increasing the ability for agents to gain more instructions, easier to sell, etc.  Everyone benefits -  agents and clients. 

Hence, we are offering arrangements where business can be won by our network members offering a leading and proven technological-approach to property marketing. 



Singer Vielle Scotland has been a success story for us, proving the model.  Graham Waddell and Douglas Wilson have created a strong selling business and a leading agency presence.  Stokes Property is our franchise partners in Ireland. We have recently launched in South Africa with the Empact Group who are operating The South Africa Property Exchange. 

We believe “broking” will become increasingly more difficult, quickly, and the agency community is fast evolving into sellers and advisors – there will be some brokerage deals but far less.  We have seen from our adoption of technology and online marketing that the buyer audience is so much larger than ever before and increasing, with the affect that aligning with the buyer is increasingly difficult; hence, our view is that agencies will need to be able to offer a strong sales-service going forward.  So, with large firms investing into technical offerings and solutions, and smaller firms either not wishing to invest or feeling they are too far behind, we have the opportunity to build a strong group through franchising, associations and consultations.  Anyone within the network will instantly be able to provide our unique and proven service offering. 

Given we commenced our technical journey in 2006, we are far ahead in our understanding and adoption of a technical approach to agency; in recognition, we have launched a Proptech Services division. 

UK Target Areas

We welcome parties to our network from anywhere in the UK.  Locations of specific interest: 

  • Manchester

  • Birmingham

  • Leeds

  • Northern Ireland



We are keen to expand internationally, as well as locally. Our marketing and technology of clicktopurchase® is designed to scale internationally, with a speed unavailable elsewhere. An international network with our proven approach will be unique and powerful for all involved.

Locations where we are particularly keen to open:

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • African Continent