Artificial Intelligence arrives at

As pioneering users of the clicktopurchase® online execution platform, we are delighted to embrace the latest sales channel – Artificial Intelligence auctions.

From today, we have the flexibility to select this new and unique auction process to close suitable sales. We see this excellently complementing our service of high quality presentations and depth of marketing, for suitable properties.

The clicktopurchase® platform is well recognised as delivering speed and certainty to the sales process. As transparency becomes an increasingly important requirement, the 2017 launch of the clicktopurchase® Blockchain added a further level of security for buyers. Artificial Intelligence brings security and transparency to the auction room. 

The Artificial Intelligence auctioneer, “gAbI”, will be managing suitable auctions directly and by its very nature as an “AI” will be beyond any possible manipulation. We view this as key to attracting buyers to a safe purchasing process.

We do not favour clock-ticking auctions, but instead an online auction process which emulates the traditional method but within a modern environment. Digital contracts with encrypted electronic signatures will be generated when a bidder successfully purchases at auction, in the same way as when purchasing online by clicktopurchase® private treaty.

In recognition of our confidence in Artificial Intelligence, we are offering clients a launch offer with sale fees at only £2,000 + VAT for suitable properties at the inaugural auctions.

23rd March 2018