Transparency in property marketing is generally lacking - not anymore!

“Transparency in property marketing is generally lacking – not anymore!”

We are all demanding greater accountability and transparency in our daily lives and business. However, when it comes to tracking the marketing being undertaken by your agent, be they residential or commercial, it remains anything but transparent.

Agents will claim they have a strong marketing reach, but then we see they have purchased an email distribution from a publication. When you as a client wish to understand the agent’s reach, the best you can expect is generally a report, perhaps in the form an email update. 

Such lack of transparency is to the detriment to the vendor and also the agent. The vendor has no idea on the effectiveness of the agent’s marketing approach which can only call into question the quality of the agent in the client’s mind. For the agent, they may have undertaken a tremendous campaign but due to market dynamics the buyers are not attracted at the price quoted – the inability to demonstrate the wide marketing could lead to the agent being challenged and losing their instruction.

Transparency and accountability have been lacking for too long, negatively impacting the agency profession. 

This is now changing. A new feature at is offering clients a Dashboard to be able to view in real time all marketing activity in relation to a property sale. It provides real time data, including:

  •  Schedule of interest
  • Marketing emails distributed, opened and clicked
  • Where in the world marketing emails have been read or clicked
  • Website views for a property’s marketing website at
  • Number of new and returning visitors
  • How many parties viewing a property have done on a mobile device or desktop
  • Transactional activity at clicktopurchase®

I believe such accountability is not a “nice to have” but a necessity as clients demand greater transparency and understanding to the response to the marketing for their property.

I wonder how long it will take the industry to embrace as a whole. It can only improve the image of the real estate agency profession as a whole.