Previous Sales

This Previous Sales listing displays all our property sales since we established in 2006.Should you wish to see further details simply click on a property address. Our history of real estate sales speaks for itself in demonstrating our early adoption of technology and market lead established in selling UK real estate online. Browse our listings below or contact a member of our team should you require further information.

Property Date Sector Guide Price Result Transaction type
Perth - 109 South Street May-18 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £530,000 £515,000 Private Treaty
Scunthorpe - Go Outdoors May-18 Retail, £1m to £3m £2,385,000 confidential Private Treaty
Torquay - William Hill | Unit 1 May-18 Auction, Retail, < £1m £265,000 £265,000 clicktopurchase®
Bolton - Tonge Bridge Industrial Estate Apr-18 Industrial, £1m to £3m £1,900,000 Confidential clicktopurchase®
Dundee - 6 High Street Apr-18 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £500,000 £490,000 Private Treaty
Elgin - 157 High Street Mar-18 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £500,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Bristol - 44-46 The Horsefair Mar-18 Retail, < £1m £990,000 Confidential Private Treaty
East Grinstead - Waterstones, 37 London Road Jan-18 Retail, < £1m £540,000 £540,000 Private Treaty
East Grinstead - Shoe Zone, 39 London Road Jan-18 Retail, < £1m £440,000 £440,000 Private Treaty
East Grinstead - The Carphone Warehouse, 41 London Road Jan-18 Retail, < £1m £335,000 £335,000 Private Treaty
East Grinstead - EE, 43 London Road Jan-18 Retail, < £1m £335,000 £335,000 Private Treaty
Torquay - Snappy Snaps | Unit 2 Jan-18 Retail, < £1m £190,000 £190,000 Private Treaty
Aberdeen - Site 30 | Greenhole Place Jan-18 Retail, Other, Scotland, £1m to £3m £1,000,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Chelmsford - Units 12-39 Redhills Industrial Estate Dec-17 Industrial, £1m to £3m £2,950,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Haverfordwest - 24 Bridge Street Dec-17 Retail, < £1m £350,000 £335,000 clicktopurchase®
Wigan - 3 Rosebridge Way Dec-17 Industrial, £1m to £3m £1,320,000 £1,480,250 CTP Best Offers
Boston - 3-7 Wide Bargate Dec-17 Retail, < £1m £430,000 £402,000 Private Treaty
Northampton - 49-53 Abington Street Dec-17 Retail, Office, Other £2,250,000 £2,250,000 Private Treaty
Birmingham - 6060 Knights Court Dec-17 Office, £3m+ £3,100,000 £2,890,000 clicktopurchase®
Doncaster - Barclays Bank PLC Nov-17 Office, £1m to £3m £1,550,000 £1,450,000 clicktopurchase®
Stewarton | Scotland - 8 High Street Nov-17 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £510,000 £510,000 Private Treaty
Aberdeen - 395 Union Street Nov-17 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £525,000 £520,000 Private Treaty
Inverness - 41-45 High Street Nov-17 Retail, Scotland, £1m to £3m £1,755,000 £1,570,000 Private Treaty
Torquay - Cornish Bakery | Unit 3 Nov-17 Retail, < £1m £265,000 £250,000 clicktopurchase®
Glasgow - 14 Busby Road Nov-17 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £975,000 £1,020,000 Private Treaty
Southport - 157-161 Lord Street Nov-17 Retail, < £1m £940,000 £850,000 clicktopurchase®
Southport - 143-153 Lord Street Nov-17 Retail, £1m to £3m £1,560,000 £1,450,000 clicktopurchase®
Torquay - Calypso Coffee | Unit 4 Nov-17 Retail, < £1m £245,000 £240,000 clicktopurchase®
Leicester - 11 East Gates Nov-17 Retail, £1m to £3m £1,160,000 £1,075,000 clicktopurchase®
Kilmarnock - 39 King Street Oct-17 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £200,000 £185,000 Private Treaty
Uddingston, Glasgow - The Apex Oct-17 Office, Scotland, £1m to £3m £1,700,000 £1,650,000 Private Treaty
Sheffield - Riverside West Oct-17 Office, £3m+ £7,080,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Trowbridge - Dorothy House, 2 Wicker Hill Oct-17 Retail, < £1m £700,000 £700,000 clicktopurchase®
Glasgow - Martha’s , 142a St Vincent Street Oct-17 Retail, Leisure, Scotland, < £1m £650,000 £660,000 Private Treaty
Sudbury - 54/55 Gainsborough Street & 1 Burkitts Lane Sep-17 Retail, £1m to £3m £1,040,000 £1,040,000 CTP Online Auction
Leeds - Clariant House Sep-17 Office, < £1m £800,000 £770,000 clicktopurchase®
Tamworth - Martin McColl Limited Aug-17 Petrol Filling Station £1,715,000 £1,715,000 Private Treaty
Glasgow - Regent House Aug-17 Other, Scotland, £1m to £3m £1,350,000 £1.305,000 Private Treaty
Manchester - The Quadrangle Aug-17 Leisure, £3m+ £5,000,000 >£5,000,000 Private Treaty
Dundee - City Quay, Camperdown Street Aug-17 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £500,000 £485,000 Private Treaty
Aberdeen - 127 Union Street Aug-17 Retail, Scotland, < £1m £715,000 £710,000 Private Treaty
Wick - 84-86 High Street Jul-17 Scotland, < £1m £385,000 £383,000 Private Treaty
Weymouth - 8a & 8b St Mary Street Jul-17 Retail, < £1m £900,000 £900,000 clicktopurchase®
Glasgow - 96 St Vincent Street Jul-17 Retail, Scotland, £1m to £3m £1,100,000 £1,210,000 Private Treaty
Oxford - 71 London Road Jul-17 Retail, < £1m £650,000 Confidential clicktopurchase®
Cwmbran - Cwmbran Leisure Park Jun-17 Leisure, £3m+ £3,850,000 £3,900,000 Private Treaty
Kirkby-in-Ashfield - 2 Station Road Jun-17 Retail, £1m to £3m £1,850,000 £1,690,000 Private Treaty
Dudley - Regent House May-17 Office £865,000 £865,000 clicktopurchase®
Carlisle - Bank of Scotland plc May-17 Retail, £1m to £3m £1,485,000 £1,499,500 clicktopurchase®
Southampton - 19-20 Hanover Buildings May-17 Leisure, < £1m £810,000 £815,000 clicktopurchase®
Willenhall - 23 New Road May-17 Retail, £1m to £3m £1,150,000 £1,200,000 CTP Best Offers
Elgin - Halfords May-17 Retail Warehouse, Scotland £1,200,000 £1,225,000 Private Treaty
South Shields - 9-13 King Street May-17 Retail £940,000 £975,000 clicktopurchase®
London - 30 London Road May-17 Retail £440,000 £475,000 Private Treaty
Swansea - Wilko Apr-17 Retail £4,350,000 £4,000,000 Private Treaty
Doncaster - 22 Baxtergate Apr-17 Retail £860,000 £810,000 clicktopurchase®
Ilford, London - 133A High Road Apr-17 Retail £1,250,000 £1,462,500 clicktopurchase®
Glasgow - 168 Bath Street Apr-17 Office, Scotland £2,950,000 £2,885,000 Private Treaty
Pontypridd - Bank of Scotland plc Mar-17 Retail £500,000 £500,000 Private Treaty
Swindon - Gemini House Mar-17 Office, Industrial £1,250,000 £1,200,000 Private Treaty
Bradford – Bank of Scotland plc Feb-17 Retail £1,200,000 £1,200,000 Private Treaty
St Ives - 28 Burrel Road Feb-17 Industrial £525,000 £525,000 clicktopurchase®
Montrose - Bank of Scotland plc Feb-17 Retail, Scotland £525,000 £540,000 Private Treaty
Dartford - Unit 19 Schooner Park Feb-17 Industrial £625,000 £625,000 clicktopurchase®
Neath - Bank of Scotland plc Feb-17 Retail £540,000 £555,000 clicktopurchase®
High Blantyre - 270 – 278 Main Street Feb-17 Retail, Scotland £475,000 £475,000 Private Treaty
Stalham - The Original Factory Shop Feb-17 Retail £820,000 £820,000 clicktopurchase®
Swansea - Silverwing Retail Park Jan-17 Retail £1,142,000 £1,120,000 clicktopurchase®
Newbury - Kiln House Dec-16 Office £3,950,000 £3,950,000 clicktopurchase®
London - 6 Morden Road Dec-16 Retail £370,000 £375,000 CTP Best Offers
Ipswich - 33 Tavern Street Dec-16 Retail £985,000 £1,025,000 clicktopurchase®
Chard - The Original Factory Shop Dec-16 Retail £950,000 £950,000 Private Treaty
Blackpool - 44-46 Church Street Dec-16 Retail, Leisure £630,000 £630,000 clicktopurchase®
London - 363-365 Kingston Road Dec-16 Retail £550,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Wakefield - 121 Kirkgate Dec-16 Retail £2,075,000 £2,100,000 clicktopurchase®
High Wycombe - Chancery Court Nov-16 Office £1,900,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Glasgow - 474 Victoria Road Nov-16 Retail, Scotland £475,000 £479,000 Private Treaty
Stockport - 1-2 Warren Street Nov-16 Retail £1,800,000 £1,800,000 Private Treaty
Dartford - Unit 2 Waterside Court Nov-16 Office £570,000 £530,000 Private Treaty
Irvine - 35 Bridgegate Oct-16 Retail, Scotland £227,500 £227,500 Private Treaty
Elgin - 161-163 High Street Oct-16 Retail, Scotland £850,000 £825,000 Private Treaty
Dartford - Unit 3, Waterside Court Oct-16 Office £565,000 £535,000 clicktopurchase®
Ayr - 93-95 High Street Oct-16 Retail, Scotland £400,000 £380,000 Private Treaty
Northampton - Unit 16, Edgemead Close Oct-16 Industrial £1,970,000 £1,900,000 clicktopurchase®
Dartford - Unit 6, Waterside Court Oct-16 Office £325,000 £325,000 clicktopurchase®
London - 529 Norwood Road Oct-16 Retail £665,000 £590,000 clicktopurchase®
Dartford - Unit 9, Waterside Court Oct-16 Office £1,300,000 £1,245,000 clicktopurchase®
Rutherglen - 110 Glasgow Road Oct-16 Other £615,000 £620,000 Private Treaty
London - 102 High Street Oct-16 Retail £1,460,000 £1,335,000 clicktopurchase®
Banbury – Unit 5, Somerville Court Sep-16 Office £357,500 £334,500 Private Treaty
Northampton - Units 1a-1c & Unit 2 Mansard Close Sep-16 Industrial £2,870,000 £2,800,000 clicktopurchase®
Bournemouth - 102, 104 & 106 Commercial Road Sep-16 Retail, Leisure £1,650,000 £1,700,000 clicktopurchase®
Banbury – Units 8,9,10 Somervielle Court Sep-16 Office £1,075,000 £975,500 Private Treaty
Northampton - The Boulevard Sep-16 Retail £4,730,000 £4,325,000 clicktopurchase®
Berwick-Upon-Tweed - Unit 1 Ramparts Business Park Sep-16 Office £625,000 £610,000 Private Treaty
Welwyn Garden City - Busy Bees Kestrel Way Aug-16 Other £820,000 £1,100,000 CTP Best Offers
Leeds - The Bourse Jul-16 Retail, Office £9,150,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Kilmarnock - 50-54 Bank Street Jun-16 Leisure £0.825m £0.890m Private Treaty
Wigan - 29/33 King Street Jun-16 Leisure £500,000 £480,000 clicktopurchase®
Edenbridge - 66 High Street May-16 Retail £0.290m £0.290m clicktopurchase®
Harlow - Busy Bees, Harlow Business Park May-16 Leisure £0.930m £0.900m clicktopurchase®
Newport - Providence Corner May-16 Retail £1,000,000 £1,100,000 clicktopurchase®
Orpington - McDonald's, Sevenoaks Way Apr-16 Leisure £2.183m £2.183m Private Treaty
Ayr - Tesco Express, 138-140 High Street Apr-16 Retail £0.730m £0.730m Private Treaty
Bicester - Minton Place, Victoria Road Apr-16 Office £1.500m £1.350m Private Treaty
Ealing - Headmasters, 50 The Broadway Mar-16 Retail £1.100m £1.100m Private Treaty
Manchester - Manchester Science Park Mar-16 Office/Dat £6.500m £5.925m Private Treaty
Newcastle - McDonalds Mar-16 Retail £7.140m £6.800m Private Treaty
Selby - The Griffin Hotel Mar-16 Leisure £0.775m £0.775m clicktopurchase®
Annan, 71 High Street Feb-16 Retail £0.195m Confidential Private Treaty
Southampton - No 9 Carlton Crescent Feb-16 Office £0.350m £0.357m clicktopurchase®
York, Gateway 1, Holgate Park Feb-16 Office £2.600m £2.550m Private Treaty
Elgin - 151 High Street Jan-16 Retail £0.995m £1.000m Private Treaty
Glasgow, 9 Bothwell St Jan-16 Retail £0.400m £0.420m Private Treaty
Falkirk - Bank St Jan-16 Mixed £1.400m £1.400m Private Treaty
Norwich - Prince of Wales Dec-15 Leisure £1.350m £1.350m clicktopurchase®
Kingston Upon Hull - The Sail Makers Dec-15 Leisure £1.750m £1.750m clicktopurchase®
Cumbernauld - Unit 9, Glencryan Road Dec-15 Industrial £0.650m £0.642m Private Treaty
Plymouth, 67,69 and 69a New George St Dec-15 Retail £1.300m £1.230m clicktopurchase®
Doncaster - 1-8 Trafford Way Dec-15 Office £1.650m £1.540m Private Treaty
Abingdon-on-Thames - The Nags Head Dec-15 Leisure £2.065m £2.065m clicktopurchase®
Bognor Regis - Southern Cross Trading Estate Nov-15 Retail Warehouse £5.200m £5.200m Private Treaty
Warrington - Sankey Street Nov-15 Mixed Use £2.000m £1.800m clicktopurchase®
Poole - Sainsbury's Local, Orchard Plaza Nov-15 Supermarket £1.135m £1.010m Private Treaty
Cheltenham - The Frogmill Inn Nov-15 Leisure £1.300m £1.425m CTP Best Offers
Banbury - Units 11-12, Somerville Court Oct-15 Office £640,000 £610,000 clicktopurchase®
Staplehurst - 5 The Parade Oct-15 Retail £550,000 £500,000 Private Treaty
Kilmarnock - 36/40 King Street Oct-15 Retail £1.675m £1.600m Private Treaty
Plymouth - Armada Way & Cornwall Street Oct-15 Retail £3.500m £3.300m Private Treaty
Clydebank - 127-129 Riddell Street Sep-15 Retail £250,000 £245,000 Private Treaty
London - Skyline Plaza, 62-82 Commercial Road Sep-15 Freehold £710,000 Confidential CTP Best Offers
London - Bathstore Unit, 62-82 Commercial Road Sep-15 Retail £1.215m Confidential CTP Best Offers
Edinburgh - 56-58 Nicolson Street Aug-15 Retail £2.550m £2.700m Private Treaty
Worcester - 5-9 Nicholas Street Aug-15 Retail £905,000 Confidential Private Treaty
Derby - 41 Cornmarket Aug-15 Retail £1.400m £1.465m clicktopurchase®
London - 445 Norwood Road Jul-15 Advertising Hoarding £0.250m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Ipswich - 1 Princes Street Jul-15 Retail £4.125m Confidential Private Treaty
Swansea - 394-396 The Kingsway Jul-15 Retail £0.375m £0.365m Private Treaty
Swindon - Chiseldon House Jul-15 Office £0.675m £0.615m clicktopurchase®
Lymington - Tesco Express, The Square Jun-15 Retail £0.695m £0.725m Private Treaty
St Helens - The Halefield Family Medical Centre Jun-15 Medical £0.330m £0.329m clicktopurchase®
Ayr - 183/185 High Street Jun-15 Retail £0.450m £0.501m Private Treaty
Swindon - Dorcan Industrial Estate May-15 Industrial £2.190m £2.190m Private Treaty
London - 124 High Street Apr-15 Retail £1.900m £1.900m Private Treaty
Sheffield - Carbrook Triangle Apr-15 Office £0.440m £0.505m Private Treaty
Peterlee, Unit 3, Fern Court Apr-15 Office £0.350m £0.325m Private Treaty
Riverside, Jackson Square, Bishop's Stortford Apr-15 Retail £0.550m £0.550m clicktopurchase®
Devon, Potters Country Market, West Hill Rd Apr-15 Retail £0.895m £0.875m Private Treaty
Glasgow, Clutha House Apr-15 Office £1.300m £1.300m Private Treaty
Nottingham - 68 Castle Boulevard Mar-15 Industrial £0.850m £0.855m Private Treaty
London - Walworth Road Mar-15 Retail £1.200m £1.150m clicktopurchase®
Derby - Pentagon Island Mar-15 Car Showroom £5.575m £5.575m Private Treaty
Birmingham - Kings Business Park Mar-15 Industrial £0.500m £0.510m Private Treaty
Grayshott - Grove House Feb-15 Retail £3.000m £3.000m CTP Best Offers
London - Wood Green Feb-15 Retail £1.200m £1.175m clicktopurchase®
Maidstone - 24 Week Street Feb-15 Retail £0.965m £0.935m clicktopurchase®
Sittingbourne - 123, 125 High Street Feb-15 Retail £1.000m £1.030m clicktopurchase®
Oldbury - Trinity Point Feb-15 Industrial £4.100m £3.900m clicktopurchase®
Swansea - Dragon Hotel & Retail Complex Jan-15 Ground rent/retail £1.800m £1.775m clicktopurchase®
Harrow - 02, 24 St Anns Road Jan-15 Retail £1.600m £1.225m clicktopurchase®
Kings Lynn - 38-40 Broad Street Jan-15 Retail £0.785m £0.785m clicktopurchase®
Harrow, 68-70 St Anns Road Dec-14 Retail £2.135m £2.135m Private Treaty
The Co-operative Food, Worthing Dec-14 Retail £0.495m Confidential Private Treaty
Weedon Bec, Tesco Express Dec-14 Retail £0.755m £0.730m Private Treaty
ASK Restaurant - Swansea Dec-14 Leisure £0.800m £0.800m clicktopurchase®
Go Outdoors - Scunthorpe Dec-14 Retail Warehouse £2.080m £1.950m clicktopurchase®
Leeds - Centre 27 Nov-14 Office £3.000m £2.900m Private Treaty
Imperial Building, Victoria Street, Nottingham Nov-14 Retail / Office £2.000m £1.965m clicktopurchase®
22 St Anns Road, Harrow, London Nov-14 Retail £0.810m £0.810m clicktopurchase®
London, 5-6 Porteus Place, Clapham Old Town Oct-14 Office / Bank £1.050m £0.960m clicktopurchase®
Bury St Edmunds, Howdens, Easlea Road Oct-14 Industrial £0.465m £0.410m clicktopurchase®
Watford - Royalty House Oct-14 Office £7.750m £7.150m Private Treaty
Brierley Hill - Unit 29 Hurst Business Park Sep-14 Industrial £0.790m £0.790m Private Treaty
Guildford - Chapel House Sep-14 Mixed Use £2.090m £1.875m Private Treaty
Brierley Hill - Units 1-5 Hurst Business Park Sep-14 Industrial £1.375m £1.375m Private Treaty
London - Units 1,1A & 2 Valmar Trading Estate Sep-14 Development £1.850m £2.051m CTP Best Offers
Newquay - Frankie & Benny's Aug-14 Leisure £1.585m £1.585m clicktopurchase®
Wakefield, Unit 8, Brindley Way Aug-14 Office £0.750m £0.750m clicktopurchase®
Airdrie - 18 Broomknoll Street Aug-14 Retail £0.225m £0.225m Private Treaty
Lincoln - Tritton Road Jul-14 Industrial £1.080m £1.180m clicktopurchase®
Southend on Sea - 115 High Street Jul-14 Office £0.100m £0.135m CTP Best Offers
Aberdeen - 171 George Street Jul-14 Retail £0.475m £0.480m Private Treaty
St Austell - Tesco Express Jul-14 Retail £0.700m £0.735m CTP Best Offers
Newquay - Prezzo Plc Jul-14 Leisure £1.195m £1.195m clicktopurchase®
Newquay - Pizza Express Jul-14 Leisure £1.290m £1.290m clicktopurchase®
Cardiff - Cadarn House Jul-14 Office £2.835m £2.835m Private Treaty
High Wycombe - Chancery Court Jun-14 Office £1.700m £1.650m Private Treaty
Lytham St Annes - 14-16 St Annes Road West Jun-14 Retail £1.630m £1.600m Private Treaty
Swindon - Barbury House Jun-14 Office £1.200m £1.200m clicktopurchase®
London - 462 - 464 New Cross Rd Jun-14 Mixed Use £0.600m £0.605m clicktopurchase®
Ramsgate - 5-7 West Cliff Road May-14 Retail £0.275m £0.250m Private Treaty
Lyme Regis -26 Broad Street May-14 Retail £0.520m £0.460m Private Treaty
Harpenden - 29 High Street May-14 Retail £1.480m £1.450m Private Treaty
Cambridge - The Tivoli Apr-14 Leisure £1.500m £1.575m clicktopurchase®
Torquay - 43-47 The Terrace&7-7A The Strand Mar-14 Leisure £1.550m Confidential Private Treaty
Chatham - 147 High Street Mar-14 Retail £1.800m £0.760m clicktopurchase®
Woodley - Crockhamwell Rd Feb-14 Retail £0.995m £0.995m clicktopurchase®
Birmingham - Topps Tiles Feb-14 Industrial £1.200m £1.164m Private Treaty
Leicester - Goals Soccer Centre Feb-14 Leisure £1.900m £1.900m Private Treaty
Hamilton - McColl’s, 23-25 Cadzow Street Jan-14 Retail £0.340m £0.340m Private Treaty
Worcester - Unit 5, Worcester Trading Estate Jan-14 Industrial £0.400m £0.380m clicktopurchase®
Ealing - Costa Jan-14 Retail £0.350m £0.400m CTP Best Offers
Bristol - Tesco Nov-13 Supermarket £0.725m £0.740m CTP Best Offers
Wolverhampton - Volkswagen Nov-13 Car Showroom £3.270m £3.270m Private Treaty
Stourbridge - Volkswagen Nov-13 Car Showroom £3.785m £3.785m Private Treaty
Aspect One - Stevenage Oct-13 Industrial £2.890m £3.250m Private Treaty
Rochdale - Nissan Oct-13 Car Showroom £0.915m £0.850m clicktopurchase®
London - UK House Oct-13 Office £0.500m £0.955m CTP Online Auction
Luton - Easyjet Oct-13 Car Park £5.100m £5.150m clicktopurchase®
London - 429 Upper Richmond Rd Oct-13 Mixed Use £0.475m £0.510m clicktopurchase®
Nottingham- Volkswagen Oct-13 Car Showroom £3.850m £3.850m Private Treaty
Redditch - Volkswagen Sep-13 Car Showroom £2.800m £3.018m Private Treaty
Leicester -Volkswagen tr> Sep-13 Car Showroom £5.030m £4.837m Private Treaty
Bristol - NCP, Dalby Ave Sep-13 Car Park £0.725m £0.735m CTP Online Auction
Fareham - Clifton House Aug-13 Industrial £1.700m £1.700m Private Treaty
Leeds - Lowfields Road Aug-13 Industrial £2.300m £2.248m Private Treaty
Warrington - Volkswagen Jul-13 Car Showroom £3.970m £4.120m clicktopurchase®
Leeds - TNT Jul-13 Industrial £3.000m £3.000m Private Treaty
Bushey - Bournehall House Jun-13 Office £2.500m £2.500m Private Treaty
Crewe - Unit 13, Orion Park Jun-13 Industrial £1.315m £1.300m Private Treaty
London - 244 Shepherds Bush Road Jun-13 Leisure £3.215m £3.100m clicktopurchase®
Norwich - Units 16 - 21c Alston Road May-13 Industrial £1.750m £1.720m Private Treaty
Leeds- Network House May-13 Industrial £3.260m £3.155m Private Treaty
Stafford - 14 Gaolgate Street Apr-13 Retail £0.500m £0.462m Private Treaty
Penkridge - Stone Cross Apr-13 Supermarket £0.800m £0.800m Private Treaty
Hastings - Units 1 & 2, Parker Road Apr-13 Retail / Office £0.825m £0.740m Private Treaty
Scunthorpe - Dudley Road Apr-13 Retail Warehouse £1.600m £1.400m Private Treaty
Doncaster - Centurion Retail Park Mar-13 Retail £4.000m £3.600m clicktopurchase®
Huntingdon - St Peter's Industrial Park Feb-13 Industrial £1.400m £1.515m CTP Best Offers
Newbury - 92 Northbrook Street Feb-13 Retail £1.350m £1.325m Private Treaty
Croydon - 16 London Road Feb-13 Retail £1.535m £1.499m clicktopurchase®
Whitehaven - Robinson House Dec-12 Office £1.250m £1.050m clicktopurchase®
Bromley - Bromley Common Dec-12 Retail £0.825m £0.830m clicktopurchase®
Banbury - Wildmere Road Industrial Estate Dec-12 Industrial N/A £1.800m clicktopurchase®
Team Valley - Eastern Avenue Trade Park Nov-12 Industrial £2.115m £2.200m Private Treaty
Coulsdon - Sentinel House Nov-12 Office £5.856m £5.600m Private Treaty
Lymington - Ampress Lane Car Park Oct-12 Car Park £1.015m £1.015m clicktopurchase®
Bath - 47 Milsom Street Aug-12 Bank £4.900m £4.900m Private Treaty
Harlow - 34 Broadwalk Aug-12 Retail £1.950m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Lowestoft - 85 London Road North Aug-12 Retail £0.380m £0.350m clicktopurchase®
Jackson House - Ipswich Jul-12 Office £3.650m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Leeds - New Street Jul-12 Retail Warehouse £3.570m Confidential Private Treaty
Mold - Mercia Drive Jul-12 Supermarket £0.610m £0.610m Private Treaty
Barnstaple - Units 1-5 Barnstaple Trade Centre May-12 Industrial £1.460m £1.400m Private Treaty
Luton - 50 Dunstable Road May-12 Mixed Use £2.050m £2.000m Private Treaty
Archway - 31 - 33 Junction Road Apr-12 Retail / Resi £1.000m £0.880m CTP Online Auction
Croydon - 51 North End Mar-12 Retail £1.475m £1.300m Private Treaty
Datchet - Unit B, Riding Court Feb-12 Office £0.700m £0.700m clicktopurchase®
Datchet - Unit A, Riding Court Feb-12 Office £0.100m £0.875m clicktopurchase®
Norwich - 3 Red Lion Street Feb-12 Leisure £1.725m £1.625m Private Treaty
Norwich - Unit 1&2, 131 Colman Rd Dec-11 Retail £0.410m £0.375m Private Treaty
Banbury - 32 High Street & 1-2 Broad St Dec-11 Retail £1.970m £1.825m Private Treaty
St Helens - Mill Street Medical Centre Dec-11 Medical £1.740m £1.625m Private Treaty
London - 18-30 Clerkenwell Road Dec-11 Showroom £4.425m £4.454m Private Treaty
Birmingham - Crowne Plaza Dec-11 Ground Rent £1.500m £1.190m clicktopurchase®
Hanjin House, Felixstowe Business Park Nov-11 Office £1.445m £1.490m Private Treaty
Burgess Hill - 60/64 Church Walk Nov-11 Retail £1.325m £1.325m Private Treaty
Eastleigh - Capital House Nov-11 Office £1.260m £1.210m Private Treaty
Ilford - 163 High Road Nov-11 Retail £1.030m £1.000m clicktopurchase®
Birmingham - 1 The Limes Oct-11 Office £3.400m £3.000m Private Treaty
Birmingham - 2 The Limes Oct-11 Office £1.665m £1.200m Private Treaty
Watford - Met Quarter Oct-11 Leisure / Resi £18m £18m+ Private Treaty
Boston - 27 Strait Bargate Oct-11 Retail £0.895m £0.895m Private Treaty
Ashford - 82-86 High Street Jul-11 Retail £2.520m £2.340m Private Treaty
Carinthia House, Guernsey Jul-11 Office £2.225m Confidential Private Treaty
London - 104 Heath Street Jul-11 Leisure £0.485m £0.480m clicktopurchase®
Castle Trading Estate - Portchester Jun-11 Roadside £0.950m £1.050m clicktopurchase®
Barberry Court - Burton-on-Trent Jun-11 Office £0.940m £1.050m Private Treaty
Nottingham - 101 Lilac Grove Apr-11 Industrial < tr>£3.520m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Chafford Hundred- Lakeside Business Village Apr-11 Office £0.750m £0.860m CTP Online Auction
Ilford - 169 High Street Mar-11 Retail £1.285m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Ilford - 165-167 High Street Feb-11 Retail £2.300m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Oswestry - 11-13 Cross Street Feb-11 Retail £0.445m £0.425m Private Treaty
Coventry - International House Jan-11 Office £2.025m £1.860m clicktopurchase®
Preston - Chain Caul Road Jan-11 Warehouse £0.905m Confidential Private Treaty
Tewkesbury - 12 Shannon Way Jan-11 Industrial £1.015m £1.105m CTP Online Auction
Seaford - 71 Sutton Park Dec-10 Supermarket £1.155m £1.150m Private Treaty
Birmingham – Quinton Business Park Nov-10 Office £4.700m £4.800m Private Treaty
Sheffield – 192 & 194 Crookes Oct-10 Retail £0.985m £0.930m clicktopurchase®
Tunbridge Wells - 70 Calverley Road Sep-10 Retail £0.650m £0.670m clicktopurchase®
Hull - Clough Road Sep-10 Retail Warehouse £2.200m £2.075m Private Treaty
Halifax - Berry Lane Jul-10 Retail £6.320m £5.715m Private Treaty
Congleton - Cheshire Jul-10 Office £0.130m £0.120m clicktopurchase®
Teddington - Middlesex Jul-10 Retail £1.235m £1.340m clicktopurchase®
Bridgwater - Somerset Jun-10 Retail £0.756m £0.7400m clicktopurchase®
Wokingham - Berkshire Jun-10 Restaurant £1.380m £1.350m Private Treaty
Cottingham - Hull Jun-10 Supermarket £5.110m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Farnworth - Long Causeway May-10 Supermarket £2.500m Confidential Private Treaty
Sudbury - Suffolk May-10 Public House £0.875m £0.825m Private Treaty
Highgate - London N6 May-10 Retail £0.675m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Rye - East Sussex May-10 Retail £0.410m Confidential clicktopurchase®
Ruthin – North Wales Apr-10 Supermarket £6.577m £6.500m Private Treaty
Hounslow - 164 High Street Mar-10 Retail £0.755m £0.740m clicktopurchase®
London - 330 Finchley Road Mar-10 Dental Surgery £0.425m £0.440m CTP Online Auction
Romford - Unit 2&3 Falcon Business Centre Mar-10 Trade Counter £0.525m £0.547m clicktopurchase®
Uxbridge - 7 High Street Mar-10 Retail / Resi £0.510m £0.475m clicktopurchase®
Colchester - 40-42 East Hill Mar-10 Dental Surgery £0.195m £0.228m CTP Online Auction
Chelmsford - 138 New Road Mar-10 Dental Surgery £0.380m £0.416m CTP Online Auction
Blackpool - 24 Whitegate Drive Mar-10 Dental Surgery £0.250m £0.252m CTP Online Auction
Stratford-upon-Avon - 10/11 Sheep Street Mar-10 Restaurant £1.450m £1.450m clicktopurchase®
Bracknell - Westerly Point Feb-10 Office £4.000m £2.900m Private Treaty
Peterlee - Essington Way Feb-10 Retail Warehouse £2.500m £2.700m Private Treaty
Romford - Unit 20 Falcon Business Centre Jan-10 Bus Unit £0.335m £0.335m clicktopurchase®
St. Helens - Sherdley Road Jan-10 Car Showroom £3.575m £3.455m Private Treaty
Romford - Unit 11 Falcon Business Centre Dec-09 Trade Counter £0.330m £0.351m clicktopurchase®
Bath - Westpoint, James Street West Dec-09 Retail & Office £6.040m £6.875m Private Treaty
Rugby - Linden Court Dec-09 Resi / Retail £0.900m £0.850m clicktopurchase®
Yeovil - 12-14 Middle Street Dec-09 Retail £0.6625m 0.700m Private Treaty
St. Ives - The Stennack Nov-09 Retail £0.495m £0.600m Private Treaty
Launceston - Western Road Nov-09 Con/Petrol St. £0.475m £0.572m Private Treaty
Faversham - Court Street Nov-09 Restaurant £0.9455m £1.035m clicktopurchase®
Staines - London Road Nov-09 Car Showroom £3.752m £3.750m Private Treaty
Glasgow - Argyll Arcade, Argyll Street Nov-09 Retail £2.160m £2.161m Private Treaty
Swindon - 6 Regent Street Jul-09 Retail £1.755m £1.715m Private Treaty
Hertford - 130 Fore Street Jul-09 Restaurant £1.310m £1.210m Private Treaty
Hinckley - 52 Castle Street Apr-09 Retail £0.717m £0.675m Private Treaty
Doxford - Nike, Doxford International Apr-09 Office £4.500m £4.300m Private Treaty
Worthing - 17 South Street Mar-09 Bank £1.812m £1.890m Private Treaty
Fleet - 118-124 Fleet Road Mar-09 < tr>Supermarket £5.375m £5.00m Private Treaty
Croydon - 43 George Street Mar-09 Bank £2.680m £2.600m Private Treaty
Bordon - Forest Road Mar-09 Retail £1.890m £2.026m Private Treaty
Brighton - Electric House, Castle Square Mar-09 Retail / Office £2.825m £3.50m Private Treaty
Warrington - Volkswagen Feb-09 Car Showroom £4.700m £4.700m Private Treaty
Swindon - PSS, Murdock Road Feb-09 Industrial £1.400m £1.355m Private Treaty
Nottingham - 22-26 Clumber Street Feb-09 Bank £12.30m £10.10m Private Treaty
Maidstone - 12-14 Week Street Feb-09 Retail £3.520m £3.400m Private Treaty
Lancaster - 17-21 Penny Street Feb-09 Retail £4.950m £4.500m Private Treaty
Knottingley - Hickson Unit, A1 Bus. Pk Jan-09 Industrial £1.270m £1.135m Private Treaty
Canterbury - 49 High Street Jan-09 Bank £4.550m £4.850m Private Treaty
Bath - 47 Milsom Street Jan-09 Bank £3.500m £4.000m Private Treaty
Norwich - 16 Gentlemans Walk Nov-08 Bank £6.270m £6.000m Private Treaty
Leatherhead - The Axis Centre Nov-08 Development £4.700m £2.100m Private Treaty
Northampton - 50/54 Abington Street Nov-08 Retail £1.960m £1.780m Private Treaty
Hemel Hempstead - Quantum House Oct-08 Office £3.250m £2.650m Private Treaty
Hemel Hempstead - Xerox House Aug-08 Office £3.000m £2.350m Private Treaty
Bedford - 15/15a Silver Street Jul-08 Retail £1.575m £1.454m Private Treaty
Milton Keynes - Kuehne & Nagel House Jul-08 Office £3.115m £2.625m Private Treaty
Warrington - Matalan Jun-08 Retail Warehouse £7.000m £6.600m Private Treaty
Derby - 24/25 Cornmarket Jun-08 Retail £1.975m £1.769m Private Treaty
Byfleet - Units 2&3 Wintersells Road Jun-08 Office £3.278m £3.000m Private Treaty
Sheffield - Fitness First, Penistone Road May-08 Leisure £2.060m £1.845m Private Treaty
Hull - Fitness First, Sissons Way May-08 Leisure £1.985m £1.750m Private Treaty
Ipswich - Wickes, Hadleigh Road Apr-08 Trade Counter £0.970m £0.980m Private Treaty
Beckenham - Chaffinch Business Park Apr-08 Warehouse £0.876m £0.885m Private Treaty
Burgess Hill - Porsche Dec-07 Car Showroom £6.820m £5.500m Private Treaty
Theale - Unit A, Arrowhead Road Nov-07 Industrial £3.145m £3.000m Private Treaty
Chester - 1b Chestergates Nov-07 Industrial £8.400m £7.900m Private Treaty
Enfield - 1 Aden Road Nov-07 Industrial £1.454m £1.525m Private Treaty
Ipswich - Cliff Road Industrial Estate Nov-07 Industrial £6.325m £5.400m Private Treaty
Edinburgh - Herriot Watt Nov-07 Office/Research £6.000m £5.450m Private Treaty
Eastbourne - 147-148 Terminus Road Oct-07 Retail £1.695m £1.650m Private Treaty
Salisbury - Salisbury Office Park Oct-07 Office £5.840m £5.650m Private Treaty
London Colney - Riverside Industrial Est. Aug-07 Industrial £1.675m £1.675m Private Treaty
London - Marylebone Aug-07 Office/Resi £6.250m £6.250m Private Treaty
Northampton - 32 Abington Street Jun-07 Retail £2.690m £2.540m Private Treaty
London - Omega House, Wandsworth Jun-07 Retail £2.750m £2.750m Private Treaty
Guildford - Slyfield Industrial Est. Jun-07 Industrial £2.585m £2.400m Private Treaty
Derby - Learning & Development Cntre Apr-07 Industrial/Office £11.150m £12.100m Private Treaty
Harrow - 20 St. Ann's Road Jan-07 Retail £1.545m £1.600m Private Treaty
London - 116-118 Chancery Lane Dec-06 Office £5.750m £5.750m Private Treaty
Peterbrough - 14/18 Bridge Street Dec-06 Retail £2.490m £2.353m Private Treaty
Shrewsbury - 15 Pride Hill Dec-06 Retail £2.245m £2.245m Private Treaty
Carlisle - Living Well Health Club Dec-06 Leisure £5.127m £4.850m Private Treaty
Manchester - 19/21 Spring Gardens Oct-06 Office £9.500m £9.500m Private Treaty
Coventry - IO Centre Aug-06 Industrial £3.000m £2.965m Private Treaty
Coventry - The Reform Club Aug-06 Office £1.040m £1.055m Private Treaty
Towcester - Porsche Centre, Silverstone Aug-06 Car Showroom £4.450m £4.585m Private Treaty
Andover - ATOS Origin Jun-06 Data Centre £7.000m £7.100m Private Treaty
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