Singer Vielle Proptech Services

We are pleased to launch a Proptech Advisory service from Singer Vielle, by combining the talents and experience of Singer Vielle, clicktopurchase® and Lucid Ocean, a team with a unique and proven track record of delivering leading-edge technology for the property industry.

If you are in the property sector, have an idea or require some help in an area of technology, you will find it refreshing to be able to speak with a team who understand your business and can speak your language.

A Unique Team

Neil Singer

A property professional and member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), able to demonstrate a proven understanding and application to create leading Proptech.

Neil Singer has been the driving force behind the creation of, recognised as a pioneer in the area of online marketing for commercial property. He also conceived, designed and created clicktopurchase®, the unique platform to enable a property for the first time to be purchased by an online legal execution. With a track record now approaching £250m of online transactions, clicktopurchase® was also the world-first in using Blockchain technology as part of the property transaction process, as well as the first to offer real-time artificial-intelligence operated property auctions.

Few experienced property professionals have crossed into the areas of technology and law to create proven and leading Proptech. Neil has led his team in this unique endeavour. Having specialised within the property investment agency sector for over 30 years, his unique insight into the challenges when creating technology suitable for the property industry is unrivalled.


Jonathan Crossland

A technology professional and a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) with a track-record of implanting highly-technical solutions for application within the property sector.

Jonathan Crossland is a software architect, author, developer and agile team lead, having experience designing and developing various solutions for the property industry including marketing sites, property portals, blockchain and of course clicktopurchase®. He is also the founder of Semantal, an organisation dedicated to training software architecture, design and ethics in computing.

With 25+ years experience in lean design and software architectures, Jonathan has extensive understanding of product, technology, people and teams, with a robustly pragmatic approach to design and implementation that yields results. Having authored a number of books on programming, Jonathan is also a critical thinker with strong dedication to building software correctly.

Our Services

From website development to application engineering, we are able to provide both advice and the solution with a unique insight and experience from within the property sector.

We will understand your issues and be able to answer your questions in a manner you will understand. We will not confuse you explaining processes and jargon.

We are in a unique position to advise and deliver solutions to the property industry.


Consultancy Services

  • Development strategies

  • Organisational structure, aligning business and technology

  • Application Requirements Analysis (business and technical)

  • Application Architecture Design and Roadmaps

  • Development patterns and Lean practices

  • Technology guidance (Blockchain, Signatures, Progressive Web Apps, Cloud etc)

Application Development Services

  • Website development

  • Application Development

  • Blockchain implementation

  • Digital Signature Solutions

  • Web / Mobile Apps

  • Microservices and API


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